What is a mini smile makeover?

A mini smile makeover is a combination of treatments aimed at enhancing the overall aesthetics of a smile. Danni Mapstone is one of our dental therapists who has transformed many patient smiles under this fantastic treatment option.

What is included in a mini smile makeover?

To begin with, a thorough hygiene treatment is completed. This is important for both your oral hygiene and also the preliminary first step to your new smile. During the hygiene visit we will first scale your teeth which will tackle the deposits of plaque and tartar that may have built up. The second part of this visit is the polish. The polish will smooth away any minor imperfections or patches of rough texture on the teeth. It will also help to remove staining on the teeth, leaving them to look brighter and shiny. You will leave with fresh breath and ready for the next part of the mini smile makeover.

Composites Before & After 1

Mini Smile Makeover Before & Afters

Mini Smile Make Over Before & After 1 Solihull
Mini Smile Make Over Before & After 3 Solihull

Teeth Whitening

The next part of the treatment is to whiten your teeth. Because you have had your hygiene treatment, the whitening treatment will be more effective. This is because any rough patches has been smoothed out and any minor staining has also been removed, leaving us with a nice clean canvas to whiten.

Using a home teeth whitening kit, comprising of whitening gel and custom made trays, we will gradually brighten & whiten your teeth over a 2 week period from the comfort of your home. This will vary from patient to patient and we will review your teeth to ensure we are achieving the desired shade of tooth colour. Once the whitening process has been completed, you can move onto the final part of the mini smile makeover treatment.

Where To Get Teeth Whitening In Solihull

Composite Veneers/Bonding

You will have undergone teeth whitening prior to the last step so the bonding or composite veneers are matched to the colour of your teeth, for a nice natural finish.

Do I Need Veneers Or Bonding?

The last step is really dependent on your own personal needs, which will be discussed prior to you beginning the mini smile makeover treatment process.

Composite bonding is the same material found in composite fillings, but can be used in a number of different ways to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, such as: contouring (edges of the teeth), small diastema’s (gaps between teeth), filling chips in teeth.

Composite veneers can be seen as the next step up from bonding. If your teeth require more comprehensive treatment to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, then composite veneers may be more suitable. They are effectively thin shells that are fitted to the fronts of your teeth. The can be used on imperfections such as being crooked, misshapen, chipped, stubborn staining or discolouration.

If you have any questions or would like to book in to see what options are suitable, please do not hesitate to contact us today.