What is Boutique Whitening?

Boutique whitening is a type of professional whitening kit that can greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Boutique has  a unique blend of whitening gels that has been developed by a mixture of dentists, chemists and manufacturers across the UK, Canada & USA.

The result of this collaboration, is a fantastic product range that can truly get your teeth sparkling!

How Does Boutique Whitening Work?

The actual process of teeth whitening is simple. Within Boutique products, there is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are types of bleach. The bleach will break the stains on your teeth into smaller pieces, making the colour less concentrated and as a result, you will have brighter teeth.

Boutique products range from 10% carbamide peroxide gel, which is an equivalent of 3.5% hydrogen peroxide (Boutique Night) to a 6% hydrogen peroxide (Boutique Day). Boutique contains potassium nitrate, which is a proven desensitiser to help with sensitive teeth. Depending on your teeth, if you do experience teeth sensitivity, a lower concentrate in the gels may be more suitable for you.

Boutique Teeth Whitening Solihull

Boutique Day Vs Night

Boutique Day

Boutique day is a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide (6%) gel. The gel has been designed for patients who want to achieve whiter teeth in a fast, comfortable and convenient manner. The gel is worn for only one hour per day, over a 2 week period. During the whitening process It releases large quantities of oxygen free radicals which whiten the teeth quickly and safely (with visible result in less than a week).

Boutique Night

Boutique night uses a carbamide peroxide gel in either 10% or 16% strength. This is the equivalent of 3.5% and 5.7% hydrogen peroxide. Boutique night is to be worn for at least four hours (ideally overnight) and is for patients who would prefer to whiten their teeth as they sleep, rather than during the day. This gel has been designed to release the oxygen free radicals over a longer period of time, giving you fantastic results in a short period of time.

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