What Are Cfast®?

Cfast® cosmetic braces are a type of aesthetic orthodontic treatment that focuses on aligning the anterior teeth (front 4-6 teeth of the top and bottom jaw) – in essence – the visible part of your smile.

Due to the nature of the treatment, Cfast tends to be a much quicker treatment than conventional braces, as the focus is on mildly rotating/tipping the front teeth instead of through the bone.

How Does Cfast® Work?

Cfast® consists of clear brackets and tooth coloured wires that are fitted to the front surfaces of your teeth. They will apply gradual pressure to the front 6 teeth and will pull them back into alignment, typically taking 3-6 months.

Dr Andrew Murphy will adjust your Cfast® cosmetic braces (roughly every 4 weeks) and will monitor the tooth movements during your treatment.

Cfast Braces Solihull


  • Fast
  • Discreet
  • Affordable


  • Treatment usually takes 3 to 6 months to complete.
  • The wires and brackets are almost invisible.
  • Shorter treatment times lower the costs compared to other treatments.

Why Choose Cfast®?

Cfast®is designed for people who have a cosmetic requirement for their front teeth only, and who wants it completed in a much quicker time frame. For more complex requirements Dr Andrew Murphy offer a variety of different teeth straightening treatments to meet a wide variety of needs.

(More information can be found out about Cfast® on their website.)