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Anti Sweat Injections

Reducing The Amount of Sweat Produced

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Anti-Sweat Injections

Sweating is a normal bodily process, which occurs to allow your body to loose heat, however some people suffer from Excessive Sweating, a condition known as Hyperhidrosis. This condition can affect both men and women, and can be highly embarrassing as it can leave visible signs on your clothing, and can affect your self-esteem and confidence in public, social or business environments.

Bellissima Facial Aesthetics is able to offer professional consultations and treatments to reduce the amount of sweat produced by your sweat glands. If you are interested in booking a consultation with Dr C V Elliott BDS, please contact us.

Anti Sweat Treatments Solihull

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum is administered by injecting it into the affected area where it effectively blocks the nerve functions which supply the sweat glands.

Treatment Procedure

After an initial consultation and examination, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area, once this has taken effect, the effected area is injected using a tiny needle which is easily tolerated by most patients, who find the injection causes mild temporary discomfort. Injecting takes between 15-30 minutes; any marks from the needles fade shortly after, usually leaving no visible signs except in very rare cases sometimes a small bruise. Pre and post procedural advice and guidelines will be given to all clients.

Length of Procedure

For the initial visit, discussion, examination and treatment, approximately one hour. The treatment is often completed within 15-30 minutes, depending on the areas of treatment.

Side Effects

Botulinum toxin is safe in expert hands, and side effects of this treatment are rare. Occasionally mild temporary bruising may develop in the area of treatment.

Not Suitable for:

  • Patients who have some rare neuromuscular disorders – such as myasthenia gravis and Eaton Lambert syndrome
  • Patients who were on aminoglycoside antibiotics
  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers


The cost will vary depending on the dosage required which is unique to each patient, but generally prices range from £400.00

Frequently Asked Questions

A) You may start to notice an effect after 2-3 days, however this varies by patient, and in some cases the full effect can take up to 2-3 weeks following treatment.

A) Duration of effect varies by patient and depends on the severity of the condition being treated. For most people starting out, the injections work really well for about three months and then give diminishing returns for about another three to four months. Every patient is different, and also, different areas tend to have longer lasting results than other areas of the body.

A) Whilst results will vary from patient to patient, and depending on the area of the body, we would look for between a 70-90% decrease in sweat production for the treated area.

Both 24 hours before and after treatment, make only a limited use of Aspirin & Nurofen.

Directly after treatment try to limit massaging the treated area for several hours, Sun exposure until the inflammation has settled, Heavy alcohol consumption.

24 hours after treatment try to limit strenuous excercise, Massages of any kind inlcuding whilst washing and cleansing as normal.

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