TMJ/TMD New Product Trials

Thank you for your interest in the trial phase of our new product. Please can you complete the following form prior to wearing your new devices:

(This form will be completed again after the treatment to assess your symptoms)


Thank you for taking part in our new product trial. Please find below instructions relating to your new devices.


*To be worn at night time only (while sleeping)


The red device is for the right ear and the blue device is for the left ear


The retraction post is at the bottom of the device and will sit at the bottom of your ear canal when fitted


Apply the cream provided (small pea size) around the devices (this helps with fitting and also retention)


By holding the ear in a downward position (gently) and slightly guiding the device in an upwards position, the device will glide into place. Do not force them in and stop inserting them if you feel resistance. The devices doesn’t need to be flush in the ear canal


You may need to build up tolerances to the devices. If you wake up and feel like your ears need a rest, pop the devices back into their case for the rest of the night


Over the first two weeks of having the devices, build up the tolerance (at your own pace) to eventually wear them for the full night


**Wear the devices for an additional 2 weeks of full night time wear before filling out the follow up feedback form


Put the plug in the basin of the sink (to avoid losing them down the plughole). Using warm soapy water, wash the devices with your hands. Towel dry them and place back in their case

* Devices can be worn during the day, but you will not be able to hear whilst wearing them. Please only wear during the day if resting.

** In total you will have had the devices for 2-4 weeks before completing the end of trial feedback form