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We Are Open


31st December 2021 We Are Open With the recent changes to the tier system, we wanted to reassure everyone that we will still be open and seeing [...]

We Are Open2021-04-29T12:58:24+00:00

Merry Christmas!


24th December 2020 Merry Christmas We want to thank all our loyal patients, both recent and not so recent. You have been understanding when we have had [...]

Merry Christmas!2021-04-29T12:57:29+00:00

Our Promise To You


4th July 2020 Our Promise To You The face of dentistry has changed dramatically in response to the current pandemic. We know that there has often been [...]

Our Promise To You2021-04-29T12:54:27+00:00

Thanks For All Your Likes


23rd June 2020 Thanks For All The Likes We are in the process of updating our Facebook page and wanted to give you some up to date [...]

Thanks For All Your Likes2021-04-29T12:52:28+00:00

We Have Reopened!


18th June 2020 We Have Reopened We are pleased to announce we are open. Firstly, we have really missed seeing all our lovely patients. It really hit [...]

We Have Reopened!2021-04-29T12:51:31+00:00