Where To Get Teeth Whitening In Solihull


March 24th 2021 Where To Get Teeth Whitening In Solihull If your unhappy with the colour of your teeth, then a whitening treatment may be [...]

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We Are Open


31st December 2021 We Are Open With the recent changes to the tier system, we wanted to reassure everyone that we will still be open [...]

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Merry Christmas!


24th December 2020 Merry Christmas We want to thank all our loyal patients, both recent and not so recent. You have been understanding when we [...]

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist


21st August 2020 How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist Having a dental phobia is very common these days, so please don’t worry, you're [...]

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TMJ/TMD – What Is It?


16th August 2020 TMJ/TMD - What Is It? **** Did You Know? ****   TMD and TMJ issues are very prevalent in the population and [...]

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Our Promise To You


4th July 2020 Our Promise To You The face of dentistry has changed dramatically in response to the current pandemic. We know that there has [...]

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Atwell Farm Park Has Reopened!


3rd July 2020 Attwell Farm Park Has Reopened! **** Supporting Local **** Great news. Atwell Farm Park is reopening this Saturday! (pre-booking required at the moment) [...]

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Thanks For All Your Likes


23rd June 2020 Thanks For All The Likes We are in the process of updating our Facebook page and wanted to give you some up [...]

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We Have Reopened!


18th June 2020 We Have Reopened We are pleased to announce we are open. Firstly, we have really missed seeing all our lovely patients. It [...]

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