What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding, which is also known as tooth/dental bonding, is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for minor damage or gappy teeth. The composite material is the same that is used composite fillings restorations and is perfectly safe to be used on our teeth.

What Can Composite Bonding Be Used For?

The most common complaints bonding is used for include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Fractures
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Tooth discolouration

Composite bonding is a fantastic option to greatly enhance the aesthetics of your teeth and overall smile. It is also a completely reversible treatment that will cause no damage to your teeth.

Our therapist, Danni Mapstone offers this as a standalone treatment or as part of a mini smile makeover. If you are interested in finding out if this is a suitable treatment for you, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation with Danni today.

Composite bonding before & After 5

How Does Composite Bonding Work?

We apply a composite resin to the teeth being treated, and carefully shape it to really enhance the overall aesthetics of the treated tooth. We will match the resin to the colour of your teeth so it blends in nicely, and will look like its part of the natural tooth.

Once we are happy with the position of the bonding & how the teeth looks, a curing light is used to dry & harden the bonding. This means, by the end of the appointment you will be able to comfortably bite down as normal.

Our patients often have teeth whitening first, followed by composite bonding, as part of a mini-smile make over to greatly improve the overall aesthetics of their smile.

Composite Bonding before and after 1
Composite veneers before & after 3 Solihull

Why Have Composite Bonding?

  • Build your self-confidence

  • Perfect your imperfections

  • Fast & Effective

  • Non-Invasive

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look and would like to explore your options, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today!

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