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What Is Cfast?

Cfast braces are a type of aesthetic orthodontic treatment that focuses on aligning the anterior teeth (front 4-6 teeth of the top and bottom jaw) – in essence – the visible part of your smile.

Due to the nature of the treatment, Cfast tends to be a much quicker treatment than conventional braces, as the focus is on mildly rotating/tipping the front teeth instead of through the bone.

Cfast in Solihull
Why choose Cfast Solihull

Why Choose Cfast?

Cfast is designed for people who have a cosmetic requirement for their front teeth only, and who wants it completed in a much quicker time frame. For more complex requirements Dr Andrew Murphy offer a variety of different teeth straightening treatments to meet a wide variety of needs.

(More information can be found out about Cfast on their website.)

Why choose Cfast Solihull

How Does Cfast Work?

Cfast consists of clear brackets and tooth coloured wires that are fitted to the front surfaces of your teeth. They will apply gradual pressure to the front 6 teeth and will pull them back into alignment, typically taking 3-6 months.

Dr Andrew Murphy will adjust your Cfast braces (roughly every 4 weeks) and will monitor the tooth movements during your treatment.

Cfast Snapshot


  • Fast

  • Discreet

  • Affordable


  • Treatment usually takes 3 to 6 months to complete.
  • The wires and brackets are almost invisible.

  • Shorter treatment times lower the costs compared to other treatments.

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